Best Pokemon Mods for TLauncher


I will show you the Best Pokemon Mods for TLauncher! Each and every Pokemon enthusiast must test out one of these hacks! For fans, these mods provide a wonderful experience. The main benefit of TLauncher is that it allows for the installation of any mod you can think of: Star Wars, Pokemon, and other Avenger-related topics all have mods available. With that, you can enjoy your preferred TLauncher characters. Pokémon, the game that altered the globe, is very popular. There are countless millions of people on the planet. Guys, let’s do this! I want to tell you everything there is to know about these fantastic mods, and I think you’ll pick at least one! Then, I’ll demonstrate TLauncher Mods Pokemon for you.

Best Pokemon Mods for TLauncher


Everyone adores the Pixelmon mod because it is the best mod ever! When it comes to Pokemon Mods for TLauncher, it is personally my top choice. You must give it a try! It was made by a sizable group of modders who worked incredibly hard to see this through. 

This mod adds a ton of Pokemon enemies that you can fight alongside or against. With this mod, you will be able to battle and capture all kinds of Pokémon. You can also use a personal trainer when you go to the gym.


The entire mechanic from Pokemon is included with the pokeball mod. Therefore, you can use Pokeballs! What a remarkable thing, huh? They may be used to catch any kind of mob, animal, or even person! You can catch your friends if they are playing with you. Laugh at them! You’ll experience a real Pokemon-like feeling. 

Just remember that the mob won’t stay inside the Pokeball indefinitely; you never know when they’ll jump out. You are able to have your very own Pokemon Trainer; just pick the one you prefer. There are only NPCs; you can find new Pokemon trainers and pokeballs players. If you want to fight mobs, this will be a huge help to you.


This will bring the game over 50 new Pokemon. Additionally, it will enable you to engage them in combat and bring them to the ball. The animations are hilarious and excellent. Battles are the best part of that, and I don’t just say that because it’s a big part of it. Each battle with your foe will be enjoyable, and you can also have a lot of fun with your friends.

Pixelmon Generations

The most recent mod to include Pokemon is this one. Yes, it is similar to Pixelmon, but it is better and more modern, so I advise using this mod instead. You can take pleasure in battling, training your Pokemon, or even catching new ones! There is only one thing, and it is a huge advantage, that you can ride on some of the pokemon!


Everyone wants to participate in that major Pokémon tournament, right? And using this mod, you can! You want to capture each one. Just remember that this will only function on the Pixelmon modified server. You can play with your friends and have a lot of fun doing it. You will need to pass through a variety of new stages.


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