How To Install Demon Slayer Mod in TLauncher 1.21


Let me show you How To Install Demon Slayer Mod in TLauncher 1.21! This is a japanese mod and if you like demons, fights and katanas, you will love this too! This is one of those fast Minecraft Tutorials that you will surely like. You will get lots of items and many more things thanks to this mod. I’m not sure if you know the original name of this is Kimetsu no Yaiba. A great Japanese mod especially for the katana lovers. You can expect some good cheats, katanas and demons! And yes, I almost forgot, there are blocks also. So if you ask what to expect in TLauncher Demon Slayer Mod, you can find: New Armors, Food and weapons with decorative blocks. 

All of the weapons are special and you will not find them in any other mod. I have much more to tell you. If you want to use Katanas, you will have to become the slayer and it is not that easy as you might think. You will have to find and kill the demon to become the slayer. There is another way to be a slayer, you can create or find the sun sword (Nichirin Sword). When you do that, you will have to hold it in your hands after you get a random color.. Each demon have a different power pack and you have to kill them if you want to get it. 

Leveling system

You will simply steal it from the demon and that is a really cool thing to do. To become a better slayer you have to consume blood, with that, you will make a better progress. To upgrade to a new level, you will have to consume three drops of blood. 150 drops of blood and you will get to the maximum level which is 50. Then you will become the best slayer in the game! Demon Slayer Mod for TLauncher 1.21 is simply a good mod and you have to try it out yourself.

How To Download Demon Slayer Mod for TLauncher 1.21

Let me start from the beginning guys! We will have to download two different things if we want this to work. So get to the download section please, it is under this paragraph. When you get there, you can see two links in there, simply click on the first one. It will take you to the redirection website that I have made for occasions like this. After that, you can see another link so click on that too please. Then you will be on the website where you can download it without any issues, just take a look on the right side of the website and download Demon Slayer Mod Tlauncher 1.21. Then take the file and drop it on the desktop.

Let’s move on the forge now. Click on the second link please and go through my redirection website, this is important guys! Repeat the steps and make sure you download Forge 1.21, just use the same version or this won’t work the correct way. Drop all the files on the desktop and continue.


How To Install Demon Slayer Mod in TLauncher 1.21

We will have to install it now. The files are on the desktop and that is fine for now. Let’s find the roaming folder now. There are two ways to do this but I will show you the most effective way. Find the Windows Search Bar that is on the left down corner of your screen and type in this command: %appdata%. 

This will open it up and you can go to Minecraft then scroll down until you find mods. Open it please and copy & paste the Demon Slayer Mod for TLauncher 1.21 in there. Then go back to the desktop and install Forge. You can do that if you double-click on the file and hit install. Check the versions folder if there is Forge 1.21. 

If you don’t see that, you have made a mistake somewhere. So please repeat the steps. Otherwise this won’t work. Open up the TLauncher and sign into your account. Then choose the version and hit play. Enjoy this amazing mod!

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