How To Install Iris Shaders in TLauncher 1.21


I will show you How To Install Iris Shaders in TLauncher 1.21. If you like Sodium and shaders, you will have to download this otherwise you can’t have them. This is something like Optifine but for the Sodium Mod. And I’m sure you know the Sodium, it is a great mod especially for the low end PCs. Optifine is more like for the Medium and High End devices. Finally, it is time for the Iris Shaders! When the sodium was created, everyone were complaining about not having shaders in there. That’s why one developer decided to make this mod. 

And thanks to him, we can have Sodium with Iris Shaders for TLauncher nowadays. You may ask, what do we need have? We will need to download four different things! But don’t worry it’s not that much. There will be links for Fabric, Fabric API, Sodium and Iris Shaders. All of these works perfectly in TLauncher. You can get whatever you need, each shader have the same installation so you can use this in all of them. And yes, if you want to know how to add shaders to TLauncher 1.21 without Optifine, this is the best article for that. 

It is relatively a new mod and thanks to Fabric, we will be able to install it. One more thing to tell you is that sodium is not necessary in this tutorial. But Sodium is a great mod for better performance so I suggest you to download it as well. Make sure you follow all of my steps and you will be fine! I think that is really everything that I wanted to tell you about this, so we should go and get more into this tutorial. 

How To Download Iris Shaders for TLauncher 1.21

There are more things to do, so please stick with me and let’s go! Please scroll down until you find the download section. Click on the first link, when you do that, it will take you to my redirection website. It is fine, don’t worry. Click on the link again please and then you will be on the official website of Iris Shaders. Take a look on the downloads, please find Iris Shaders TLauncher 1.21 and download it, then drop the file on the desktop. We can download Fabric and Fabric API please, click on the link. You will be on the redirection website again so go through it. The first option is for Fabric and the second one is for Fabric API. Click on both and then download it for TLauncher 1.21.

The final file is Sodium! This is not hard or any different, click on the link please. Go through the redirection website again and when you get to the official website, download Sodium 1.21 please. Drop all of the files on the desktop, otherwise, we can’t move forward.


How To Install Iris Shaders in TLauncher 1.21

The installation part is more funny! Double-click on TLauncher Iris Shaders 1.21 and you will have to go through the installation process, so agree with everything possible and hit install. Let’s get to the roaming folder, you can do that with two different ways. Let me use the easiest. Find the Windows Search Bar and type in %appdata%. You are then in the roaming folder, find Minecraft and open it. Scroll down to mods and that’s where the magic happen. 

We will have to take Fabric, Fabric API and Sodium and then drop it into the folder. Yes, you heard me, that’s exactly what I want you to do. So please, do that! Then go to the main menu and scroll down to versions. When you open that, you should see Iris Shaders 1.21. Open TLauncher, choose the version and hit play. Oh yes, I forgot about one thing. Make sure you have account otherwise this might not work correctly.

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