Lithium Mod for TLauncher 1.21


I will be showing you How To Get Lithium Mod for TLauncher 1.21. Lithium Mod 1.21 is a multifunctional optimization mod made to enhance several systems in TLauncher. It can be set up on servers so that it functions on both the client and the server without requiring the mod on the client. The game becomes significantly lighter after installing the mod, which typically causes the server tick speeds to improve by 45%. Even when you play your game alone, it will continue to maintain a “integrated server” that captures the scene your player is in.

It will also optimize these elements to raise the frame rate and performance of the game. Tick times should noticeably increase for multiplayer server managers, enabling their hardware to support heavier demands from chunks, animals, and players. By making collision resolution for simple, cuboid blocks less complex, significant progress has been made in entity collision detection. Another more precise method is also utilized to minimize the amount of blocks scanned per tick, particularly when things are moving swiftly.

How To Download Lithium Mod for TLauncher 1.20.2

This Tlauncher Mod is compatible with Tlauncher 1.21 and any other versions that are currently available. Each mod needs something different. In this case we will use Fabric. Read the steps carefully:

  1. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. You will find two links, the first one for Lithium and for Fabric.
  2. Once you get to the download section, click on the first link please.
  3. After that, you can expect to be on the redirection website that I have made.
  4. You can find another link in there, click on that please.
  5. Finally, you are on the right website, take a look on the right side.
  6. There is a download section, find the correct version and hit download.
  7. Wait for the file and then take it and drop on the desktop.
  8. There is a cool article about Installing Mod in Tlauncher, you can read it on my website.

How To Install Lithium Mod for TLauncher 1.20.2

You should make sure that you have the both files on the desktop, otherwise we won’t be able to continue.

  1. Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard.
  2. It will open up the Run Application
  3. Type in %appdata% and choose “Ok”.
  4. Once you click on that, it will open up the roaming folder. You can see Tlauncher folder in there, open that please.
  5. Scroll down and find “mods” folder, open it please.
  6. Take the Lithium Mod 1.21 and drop it into the folder.
  7. Let’s install Fabric now.
  8. Go to the desktop.
  9. Double-click on the file and agree with the terms. Hit install.
  10. Open up the TLauncher and choose the right version, hit play.

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