How To Install One Block Map in TLauncher 1.21


I will show you How To Install One Block Map for TLauncher 1.21. One Block Map is simply one of the most favorite map in the Minecraft World. I will show you each step on download & install this thing. That means everything from the beginning, you won’t regret choosing me. I will use the most effective way to make this happen. It is absolutely easy to get the oneblock map for TLauncher 1.21. 

And you might don’t know what is this map, in fact, it is a survival world map and you will definitely love it. As the name says, you will stand on one block once you open the map. Every time you destroy the block, it will spawn a different one. You can find different ores, blocks and items also! It’s a skyblock map, just make sure you don’t die when you destroy the block. You have to survive as long as possible. 

Destory all the blocks and make a new house and fight all of the mobs that you will find in different phrases. Each time you break the block, you will get something else, each time a new block. There are ten different phases and each of them offers upgrade such as random chests and new mobs. You can find phases like: Red Desert, Jungle Dungeon or The Underground. Every phase has different blocks and mobs. Just keep in mind that you might be in phase number 3 but get a mob from phase 1. It is nothing weird.

What will you do in there?

I already told you something but there are many more things that I want to tell you about this map and you should know about these functions. So as you might know, you have to finish all ten phases and kill the Ender Dragon at the end of this. So how can you get and kill the dragon? You have to complete the last phase and then you will be able to get into the end portal . It will spawn under the infinite block, just enter it and then beat the dragon. It is called the after phase and has an unlimited number of blocks and special things like chests and mobs. Each block has a different value that means some of them may appear more often than others. So you might get diamond ore one in a 100 blocks of dirt.

How To Download One Block Map for TLauncher 1.21

Let me show you how to quickly download this map for TLauncher! Please, scroll down until you see the download section, there is only one link on this and that is super cool because it will be really easy. Click on the link please and it will take you to the redirection website that i have made for occasions like this. When you get there, you can see another link so go into that please. 

You should appear on the website where you can finally do this, just take a look on the right side and make sure you download One Block for TLauncher 1.21! Then take the file please and drop it on the desktop. That is everything for this download part. You can also find a video at the bottom of this article so make sure you check it out.


How To Install One Block Map for TLauncher 1.21

Let’s install this guys! Please get to the roaming folder and you might know how to do this if you read my articles. If not, don’t worry, i’ll show you how. Open the Windows Search Bar on the left-down corner of the screen and type in %appdata%. When you do that, the window will appear and you are in the Roaming! 

Go to Minecraft and scroll down to saves, you need to take the Oneblock map from the desktop and drop it in that folder. That is everything guys! Open up the TLauncher and choose 1.21 version, hit play. Then go to the singleplayer and choose the map and hit play! That is really everything guys and I hope this works for you without any problems and you will definitely be happy with this.

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