Top 5 PvP Texture Packs for TLauncher 1.21


I will show you Top 5 PvP Texture Packs for TLauncher 1.21. The ones I chose will appeal to you because they are my personal favorites. The best resource packs for PvP and combat in TLauncher are these. This is made easier by using TLauncher PvP texture packs, particularly by utilizing specialized effects like low-fire, which are now accepted as standards in the TLauncher PvP community. You’ll need to react quickly and fight successfully when trying to test your PvP skills, so you’ll want to have a clear view of everything in front of you. The plethora of distracting components in lush texture packs will drastically change how the original game looks and will be useless in TLauncher PvP. I also have a tutorial on installing texture packs if that would be of interest to you.

You should be ready with everything you need because PvP in TLauncher can occasionally become extremely intense and frenzied. You can always select TLauncher’s less strenuous features if you’re the kind of player who prefers to stay away from stressful PvP. From 16x, the highest quality, down to 8x and below, they range from being extremely realistic to looking realistic. So let’s get started now and stop wasting your time. You may already know the benefits of using the PvP resource pack in multiplayer. So you can utilize it without fear of being prohibited, yes! Of course, feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions.

Top 5 PvP Texture Packs for TLauncher 1.21

The list is here guys so check it out! Also, all of the downloads are as a last paragraph.

Sapphire Heart PvP Pack

PvP in Sapphire Heart is the best. Love it to bits. Although it was created for TLauncher 1.8, it also functions well in version 1.21. What is so unique about sapphire? due to its blue tint, which is consistent with other PvP resource packs. 

The menu and each GUI block were entirely original creations. This is available in 16x and 32x versions. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but I suggest choosing the 16x.


Even though it’s still relatively new to the world of TLauncher packs, this one is quickly earning a reputation as a terrific pack that will undoubtedly help you hone your PvP skills. Unlike the other texture packs we’ve reviewed so far, the game is fairly comparable to the original TLauncher version. 

Even the base game can be a little distracting, so this pack’s textures are muted to make everything look more slick and inviting.

Freeza 16x PvP Texture pack

This PvP pack is extremely distinctive and sticks out because it was made especially for the Pocket Edition of TLauncher. But keep your eyes open; you can also utilize it in the Java Edition.

It will work flawlessly. You will value that it also provides an FPS boost and optimization if your PC is low-end. Now let’s move on to a new resource bundle!

Bare Bones 

The Bare Bones is the number four in here. One of the best TLauncher PvP texture packs strips away most of the block’s base game textures, leaving only the essentials required to identify each one. Trees, for instance, no longer have any foliage; they simply appear as plain green blocks. 

This straightforward, enjoyable pack allows you to add color to your own TLauncher scenes. Suitable for the fight.

Sapix Craft

SapixCraft, a gorgeous resource pack with a PvP element, takes first place. ideal for the struggle. Overall, as the name says, a game can only have so many textures until it becomes absolutely unrecognisable. After covering a very basic texture pack. 

Let’s go on to another that somewhat changes the TLauncher aesthetic to make it suitable for PvP while still maintaining some individuality and preventing the game from being soulness.


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