Top 5 Survival Maps for TLauncher 1.20


I will show you Top 5 Survival Maps for TLauncher 1.20. Which five Tlauncher 1.20 survival maps are the best? In this article, I have precisely demonstrated that for you. When it comes to TLauncher 1.20 survival maps, this article truly has it all. You can always rely on me with things like this because I’ll show you the best ones and you’ll love my list! The TLauncher Survival Maps for 1.20 are listed below. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Survival Maps for TLauncher 1.20

One Block

It’s a brand-new survival level, and that’s how it got its name because you start out standing on just one block. So what comes next, you might be wondering. This is similar to Skyblock in that you must break the block without dying. 

The end portal will spawn beneath the infinite block once you have defeated the ender dragon and completed all ten phases, which is obviously the main goal of this. After that, you must enter it to slay the dragon.

Falling Falling

This map is awesome. You will have much more fun if you play it with your friends, therefore that is the ideal option! You will initially spawn in the “middle-world.” Move forward and then press play. Then, as you go around the 20×20 island, blocks and stuff will appear at random. 

You have a few objectives to complete. Obviously, you must first defeat the dragon and the game. There will be a variety of blocks, including wood, ores, and dirt. To complete the game, break them and create items.

World in a Jar

When you glance about, you will notice that there are more really big Jars with various items inside of them than there were when you first spawned in a large jar. 

There are jars featuring the beach, a jungle, or a villa. As I mentioned, each one offers something unique, and finding out what each jar contains is hilarious.


Recognize Skyblock? You will adore the map since it is simply wonderful, I promise! So either download this map and play it alone, or play skyblock with friends on the multiplayer server. 

Yes, you can always connect to a local area network and play with your friends, but that decision is yours. The only requirement is to survive on the island world known as the Skyblock. Nothing challenging or simple.


Playable in TLauncher 1.20, Raftblock is a truly awesome TLauncher map. You will spawn on a 3×3 little raft platform because it is a survival map, which is obviously clear. You need to collect the goods that are floating in the ocean as all you have is a fishing rod.

Thus, put that fishing rod to work. Additionally, there are barrels with unique random loot. Additionally, I adore this page!


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