How To Install Wurst Client for TLauncher 1.21


I will show you How To Install Wurst Client for TLauncher 1.21! This is a perfect Minecraft Hacked Client and will work perfectly for your cracked launcher. Wurst 1.21 is something you want in the game and you won’t regret installing it. This modifies the whole game and have a great GUI. Let me show you everything from the beginning, download & install part in-depth. If you follow all of my steps, then this will be really easy. There is nothing bad that you can do if you do this carefully. 

In this client, you will find over 100 cheats, all of them are useful for you. You can use them to your advantage in your survival world or against your friends! If you were dreaming about any mod, trust me, you will get this with this amazing hacked client for TLauncher. It will change the whole look. Make sure you don’t use them on the multiplayer because you can get banned for this. And you can’t blame anyone, you don’t want to have a cheater on your server. 

But you can make your own server and play with your friends so you can enjoy every mod and have fun with friends. But to be honest, the server will not detect the Wurst Client 1.21. It is not a reason to have it so please don’t use it. The great thing is that Wurst works with TLauncher without any issues. You can use more cool hacked clients like Salwyrr, but I believe this is the best one and you will like it. If you want to get this client, you will have to download Fabric and Fabric API, otherwise, it won’t work. 


TLauncher Wurst 1.21 offers one of the best features and great GUI. You can open it up if you press right shift, then you can apply any mod you want. One more thing that I want to tell you before we continue, this will work on Mac, Windows or Linux! It is great because it works everywhere. Keep in mind that there are three GUIs: Tab, Classic and the Navigator. 

  • Cave finder
  • Auto miner
  • Kill Aura
  • Auto Farm
  • Mob ESP

How To Download Wurst for TLauncher 1.21

It is quite hard to get this hacked client for TLauncher because there are many things that you need to do. So, please follow my steps and you will be fine. As you can see, there are three links in the download section down below. Each of them are different and are for anything else. Please click on the first link and it will take you to the redirection website which I use in these tutorials. 

When you get there, please click on the link again. After that, you will be on the website. Take a look and then download the Wurst 1.21 and drop it on the desktop. We have to do the same with the Fabric files and the rest of the links. So please, repeat the steps. 

Click on the second link and go through my redirection website, then download the Fabric and drop it on the desktop. Of course, you need to download Fabric API as well, so do that and drop it on the desktop please.


How To Install Wurst in TLauncher 1.21

Let’s install that please! So the first step is to get to the roaming folder, it is really easy. Just press the Windows Key + R on the keyboard. The Run application will show up and you have to type in one command and that is %appdata%. Hit enter and you can see roaming, there is Minecraft in there so open it please. 

Then scroll down to mods and take the Wurst 1.21 TLauncher and Fabric API. Drop it into the folder please. Then go back to main folder and find versions. Finally, get back to the desktop and double-click on Fabric. The installation window will show up and you have to install that. 

So just agree with the terms and conditions and hit install. That is everything you need to do! Open the TLauncher and choose the version, hit play.

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